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Family Seminar for Military Men and Women

We held three important events in the Stara Zagora region of the Bulgarian Church of God this week. Our chaplaincy organization, the Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association partnered with the Military Ministry in a family seminar for military men and women in Sliven. Special guest speakers from the United States, Yambol pastor Tzonko and Valya Atanasov and others joined our training team for a weekend of learning and fellowship.

We were also able to minister in the Pentecostal church of Yambol on Wednesday continuing our series on the Gospel of Mark and on Sunday morning, delivering a message on 20 Signs of the Last Days. A group from the local Home for Children was special guest to the service and celebrated with us in the presence of the Lord.

We then returned to Sliven along with some 20 youth from the Yambol youth group to support the new Pentecostal church that had just opened there. Over a hundred were present and we were able to minister to them through the service.

This new congregation is a special one, as many of its members study or work abroad, which gives an unique opportunity to train ministry teams who can work in their respective locations. This training opening is becoming more prominent as many Bulgarian immigrants begin looking for better work opportunities in Western European countries and it allows us to fulfill our long-term plan for Bulgarian congregations in Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Great Britain.

10 Years of Military Ministry in Bulgaria

Military Ministry in Bulgaria is celebrating 10 years. The special events will be held in the Black Sea town of Varna, Bulgaria. Chaplains from around the country, as well as international colleagues and friends, are invited for a time of reunion and inspiration. Special speakers of the event are Paul Pettyjohn and Chaplain Bernie Windmiller from the International Association of Evangelical Chaplains.

After serving the military in Bulgaria for a decade, the ministry is strategizing the legalization of chaplaincy and pastoral care in the Bulgarian professional army and police. Today, this difficult task seems closer than ever before, as ministers, pastors and caregivers are excited about the opening of such doors and the new opportunities which it will present for Bulgaria.