Дарение на камуфлажни Библии в Ямбол

На 21 февруари 2007, с любезното съдействие на Министерството на Отбраната и Генералния Щаб на Българската Армия, военното служение подари 150 камуфлажни Библии на контингента ни, които се подготя за мисия в Ирак. Церемониата се проведе в гр.  Яамбол по време на тържественото изпращане.

Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association Gains Legal Status

The Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association has finally received official legal status with the Bulgarian government, after battling courts throughout the country for the last four months. Global religious freedom watchdog FORUM 18 closely followed the case of chaplaincy ministry in Bulgaria recognizing its “underground” status and releasing an informative article about the current situation of chaplaincy in Bulgaria which can be found at: http://www.forum18.org/Archive.php?article_id=919

After a decade of ministry, the Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association held a national founding meeting in August, 2006 and submitted a petition for registration with the Bulgarian court. The purpose of the establishment was the legal representation of Bulgarian evangelicals who minister in various fields of chaplaincy despite legal limitations and open government restrictions. Their campaign for legalizing chaplaincy in the Bulgarian armed forces has formed “The Case of Underground Chaplaincy in Bulgaria.”

After months of legal battle, the Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association was officially registered through the Sofia Municipal Court on February 23, 2007. The result was made possible by a joint initiative of the Association’s establishing members, the representing legal team led by former Bulgarian presidential nominee, Ivan Gruikin with the assistance of legal council Latchezar Popov of the Rule of Law Institute and religious-liberty lawyer Viktor Kostov of the Balkan Center for Law and Freedom.