Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association Annual Meeting

The third national annual meeting of the Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association was held in the capital Sofia on November 22, 2008. Founding members and delegates from the country and abroad joined together to thank God for His help with the chaplaincy work in Bulgaria, elect new government and receive the 2009 strategy. The Bulgarian Church of God, Eastern Orthodox Church, Baptist Conference and Assemblies of God, as well as many ecumenical and non-denominational churches were represented at the meeting. New members were voted in after the general election session and were welcomed by the President of the European Evangelical Alliance, Dr. Nick Nedelchev. The delegates discussed the opportunities and difficulties for chaplaincy work in Bulgaria and emerging alerts in government relationships within the NATO context. Important leadership decisions concerning the involvement of the Association in the Chaplaincy master’s program offered by the newly accredited Bulgarian Theological University in Sofia were put in motion. Fifteen proposed projects were brought for deliberation in the afternoon session as the 2009 Strategy was voted in and project officers were appointed. It was further resolved that the Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association will be hosting the Balkan Chaplaincy Conference in 2009 and the new advanced chaplaincy training program with extensions in Sofia, Yambol and Varna.